KfW 2.6 vs Windows 2003 Server: question to the community

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at columbia.edu
Tue Jan 20 12:07:26 EST 2004

Just as a reminder.  The NSIS installer is not MSI based.
NSIS was selected because several other open source projects
which are likely to incorporate KfW use NSIS and because
it is open source itself.

There would certainly be a benefit to supporting an MSI
install package.  However, it is not likely to happen in the
near future. 

As of Beta 3, the installer will set the registry value, store
the setting that was there prior to install and reset it upon
uninstall.  I will make this change on all Kerberos LSA aware
platforms just in case MS decides in the future to back port
this change.

Jeffrey Altman

Paul B. Hill wrote:

>Hi Jeff,
>Thanks for the clarification. 
>I still feel that the installer should be able to define the two settings,
>via an MSI property so that a transform can be used by customer sites to get
>the desired behavior. I think that having the installer support the registry
>key setting is a higher priority than the ccache type.
>I would generally prefer that installers not override the default behavior
>of the vendor's configuration unnecessarily. However, I think that so many
>users of KfW will expect that the tgt will be successfully imported, the
>default behavior should make the registry change. I think this will reslt in
>fewer complaints and/or requests for assistance.

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