Fixing clock skew

Gregg Tracton tracton at
Wed Feb 11 22:24:19 EST 2004

you wrote:
 >I would think that having a clock set into the future would be more of a
 > Bad Thing. Imagine the confusion when the jqpublic's coworkers find that

> his Excel file sitting in AFS has been modified today, even though he's 
> been on vacation for a week.  (OF course, with the Windows OpenAFS client 
> it's as likely to be dated 1969).


Have you ever seen a fix for the Windows Openafs clients writing dates as 1969?
I'm still seeing these problems even though I've updated my *servers* to 1.2.11,
and no other cell on campus has this problem.

Thanks for any hints!

--Gregg Tracton, UNC-CH Radiation Oncology

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