Debugging API for krb5

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Fri Feb 6 11:10:58 EST 2004


Ken and I spoke for a long time last night.  I think we have a common 
of what we wish to accomplish for the long term.  However, those 
requirement do not
meet the immediate need because they cannot be implemented in a short 
period of

What we have agreed to is the following:

    * no public apis of any kind will be implemented
    * a flag in the krb5_context will be used to indicate if status
      reporting messages are to be generated or not.  This flag will be
      set during context initialization and cannot be changed after that
      point.  This might require that an application be restarted to
      obtain status messages but we believe it is an acceptable
      trade-off at this point in time.
    * All status messages will be placed in the code using macros.  The
      macros will map to a function in the Windows builds and will map
      to nothing on other platforms.
    * Status messages will be sent to either the Leash Debug Window or
      an attached debugger (DebugOutputString api)

By implementing no public apis and having all functionality be hidden we 
can replace the functionality in the future with a more robust version 
based upon the combined (status, admin, debug) logging API when it is 

- Jeff

Sam Hartman wrote:

>Ken, I agree with these requirements, but I think it is important to
>choose a reasonable subset of them so Jeff can implement what he needs
>in a short period of time.
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