Debugging API for krb5

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 5 17:52:50 EST 2004

Personally I don't think 32 modules is too small; if you think it is,
then just up the number to a 64-bit mask.  However I think this is
plenty for your specific use.  As an example, GnuCash currently has 25
different logging "modules".  The user can set the log-level on a
per-module basis.  It's implemented as an array of log-levels (one per
module) and each source file declares the modules to which it belongs
by defining a "static short int module" and the top of the file.

The logging routines just do:

    if (log_level_array[this_module] > this_msg_log_level)

(they are implemented as Macros)

FWIW, Ken's list is still well under 32 modules, and I think his list
is pretty exhastive.  It was certainly more exhaustive a list than I
would have come up with.

If you don't care about different levels of logging per module then by
all means use a bitmask instead of an array of levels.  In our case it
made sence to allow different levels of logging per-module.

But I still maintain 32 modules is more than sufficient for this case.
You don't need to define a generic logging mechanism that gets used by
everyone else -- you're just defining one for yourself.


Sam Hartman <hartmans at MIT.EDU> writes:

> Ken, I agree with these requirements, but I think it is important to
> choose a reasonable subset of them so Jeff can implement what he needs
> in a short period of time.
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