How is an application supposed to know if a Kerberos library isthread safe?

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Dec 15 12:08:40 EST 2004

Now that we have thread safety in Kerberos 5, applications must decide 
whether or not to use their own application level locking around calls 
to the Kerberos 5 libraries.

If I am compiling against a specific set of headers I can test for 
things that appeared for the first time in 1.4 to determine whether
or not to assume the application level locks are not required.

If I am an application supposedly compiled against a fixed ABI,
how am I supposed to know whether or not thread safety is there?

On Windows, should I probe the module which has been loaded and
test the file version number?  Or do we want to provide some other
exported symbol within the library itself?

How are applications on Unix supposed to be able to determine the
existence of thread safety at runtime?

- Jeff

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