'Special' salt type support

Sam Hartman hartmans-ietf at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 15 14:25:47 EST 2004

>>>>> "Venkat" == Venkat Raghavan <rvenkat at novell.com> writes:

    Venkat> Hi. We were wondering about the support of 'special' salt
    Venkat> type. Admin Guide says "only used in very special cases;
    Venkat> not fully supported" whereas when we tried to add a
    Venkat> principal using kadmin, I get "Unsupported salt type..."
    Venkat> error.

The case where it is not supported is for use with kadmin.  If you
manage to get a special salt into your database, then kadmin will
display it and the KDC will use it.

Why do you want special salt?

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