Marketing/distributing Kerberos in Japan

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 7 08:42:12 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Yusuke" == Yusuke Toyoda <toyo at> writes:

    Yusuke> Hello, I hope I'm writing to the right address. If I am
    Yusuke> not, please let me know, or forward this message to the
    Yusuke> appropriate person. Thank you.

krbcore at might have been better, but this is fine.

    Yusuke> I am writing today because my firm, Busium Inc is
    Yusuke> interested in conducting marketing/PR, and to commercially
    Yusuke> distribute Kerberos in Japan. We believe there would be
    Yusuke> great demand for your technology in Japan, and with our
    Yusuke> experience in the Japanese market, web-based
    Yusuke> marketing/commerce and internet technology, we would be a
    Yusuke> perfect fit, and our services can be of great asset to
    Yusuke> both the Kerberos team and MIT.

MIT Kerberos is free software.  As such, MIT is not interested in
marketing it.  People who want to use it can; people who want to base
products off of MIT Kerberos can do so.

That said, your firm is certainly welcome to base a product on MIT
Kerberos.  You will need to follow the conditions of our license;
these conditions are liberal.  Depending on what you do, you may need
to clearly label your product as distinct from MIT Kerberos.

If you base a product on MIT Kerberos, you are of course free to
market your product in Japan.


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