Marketing/distributing Kerberos in Japan

Yusuke Toyoda toyo at
Tue Apr 6 16:17:45 EDT 2004


I hope I'm writing to the right address. If I am not, please let me 
know, or forward this message to the appropriate person. Thank you.

I am writing today because my firm, Busium Inc is interested in 
conducting marketing/PR, and to commercially distribute Kerberos in 
Japan. We believe there would be great demand for your technology in 
Japan, and with our experience in the Japanese market, web-based 
marketing/commerce and internet technology, we would be a perfect fit, 
and our services can be of great asset to both the Kerberos team and 

Please let me know if what I proposed above is feasible, or if there is 
someone else I should contact. Please visit our site at 
for more about our work.

Thank you for your time.

yusuke toyoda
busium Inc
toyo at
212-367-9148 (fax)
17 w 17th st, #605, new york, ny 10011

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