Issues with keytab creation related to switch to w2k3 w/ ktutil

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Apr 7 14:15:24 EDT 2004

This is beginning to sound like Vikas Gandhi's problem
which is being discussed on kerberos at (where this
discussion should be taking place.  Please repost your problem on that 

I am working to try and replicate this problem on my W2K+3 DC.
Could somebody please send me this hotfix?


Jeffrey Altman

Neulinger, Nathan wrote:

>We thought we already had that applied... however, here's the thing
>though - I see the resulting behavior even when authenticating against
>the win2k DC... Does this hotfix change the behavior of password updates
>in addition to ticket granting functionality?
>I'm able to authenticate without any problem when providing the password
>for the host/X princ, but am not able to authenticate when using a
>keytab generated with ktutil with that same password and correct kvno -
>but ONLY when I create/set the pw for the princ in AD via the w2k3 DC.
>-- Nathan
>Nathan Neulinger                       EMail:  nneul at
>University of Missouri - Rolla         Phone: (573) 341-6679
>UMR Information Technology             Fax: (573) 341-4216

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