Kerberos Outside the USA

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 13 23:12:49 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Wayman <craigwayman at> writes:

    Craig> Hello, I am writing a section for an IBM rebook, the
    Craig> chapter I am writing is about kerberos authentication and I
    Craig> am just wondering the reasons why kerberos is not allowable
    Craig> for export from the USA.  
Note that many parties including Debian, Redhat, and Apple are willing
to export Kerberos from the US.  MIT is not currently willing to do
so.  Look at the text on for one person's views
on MIT's decision.

The MIt Kerberos team has no comment on those views or on MIT's
reasoning on this issue.

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