Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun Nov 16 15:51:21 EST 2003

>>>>> "Jack" == Jack J <get_info101 at> writes:

    Jack> Hi, I am a first time user of Kerberos, so please apologize
    Jack> if questions are naive.

This list is for Kerberos development, not really for user questions.
Please ask kerberos at or the comp.protocols.kerberos news group

    Jack> I downloaded Kerberos v4 from mit web site.  I untar-ed and
    Jack> read README file.  When I try to run: configure script, I
    Jack> see error:

Where did you download this from?  I do not believe that MIT
distributes a version of krb4 that supports configure.  

If you are a new Kerberos user, you probably want a version of
Kerberos 5, not a version of Kerberos 4.  The Kerberos 4
implementations have not been actively maintained in years and there
may be significant security holes.  Kerberos 5 implementations often
have backwards compatibility.

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