Mistaken algorithm in fai_add_entry

Долин Сергей Анатоль Долин Сергей Анатоль
Tue Nov 4 07:41:41 EST 2003

Hi, All!

There's inline function "fai_add_entry" into src/include/fake-addrinfo.h
which intended to 
convert list returned by "gethostbyname" to list of structures returned by
getaddrinfo (to emulate it on platform lacks it).

But returned list is REVERSED against beginning list of ip-addresses
returned by gethostbyname. So, this behavior breaks setting priority of
subnets: ip address for my subnet will by taken last. 

  It's very sad to wait connection to ninth nonrouted virtual ip of my HP
cluster :)

And seriously -- I've patched my kerberos source in hurry - hack is dirty
and trivial. So
should I send patch or this message will be enough to 

Ps. I know about RFC1794. But priority of direct connected subnet is very
usefull feature of at least Microsoft DNS server.


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