krb5-1.3-alpha3 is available

Scott McGuire smcguire at MIT.EDU
Wed May 7 14:08:47 EDT 2003

At 2:35 PM -0600 5/5/03, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
>Hmmm there is no mention on the web page that I get from
>Recent News
>08 Apr 2003 - krb5-1.2.8 Released
>The krb5-1.2.8 source release is now available.
>I looked in the source text of the html page and didnt see it there
>either. I tried from 3 different sites so it may be some sort of web
>caching problem at mit.
>I did find a krb5-1.3-current in the snapshots directory, but I dont'
>think its date matched the announcement (but I could be wrong.

You can find krb5-1.3-alpha3 by going to the main MIT Kerberos web page:

Then clicking on the "Getting Kerberos Sources and Binaries from 
MIT".  Answer the questions, and then look for the link to "Kerberos 
V5 Release 1.3" near the top of the contents.

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