host name resolution, again (krb5-1.3-alpha1 is available)

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Mar 14 21:45:14 EST 2003

Nathan Neulinger <nneul at> writes:

> Ick. It'd be less trouble to just install lbnamed or similar and have it
> randomly return a cname.

That's what we use.  That's why we wrap it with a script.

> Multiple cnames in a response violates the dns rfc's, but as far as I
> know, returning a _single_ cname with a random target should be fine.

I believe that the whole point of this thread was that the DNS lookup
happens *twice* inside the binary, which of course means that with
something like lbnamed, it doesn't work.

(I'm one of the people who runs one of the lbnamed servers.)

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