host name resolution, again (krb5-1.3-alpha1 is available)

Donn Cave donn at
Fri Mar 14 20:55:10 EST 2003

We have a long standing problem here with the GSSAPI ftp application,
when it resolves the remote host name once each for the connection
and the credentials request respectively.  This means that it's liable
to get different answers if DNS doesn't return the same IP first twice
in a row, and then it gets a key for the wrong host.

I was getting ready to look at 1.3 and perhaps re-submit this bug,
but now I find that 1.3's telnet fails the same way, apparently on
purpose as the gethostbyaddr() was just removed from commands.c.
So maybe it doesn't make sense to just keep reporting it as a bug,
if there's some rationale at work here that makes this a feature.
Is there?

It isn't exactly a question of whether to do a reverse lookup -
krb5_sname_to_principal is going to do one anyway.

	Donn Cave, University Computing Services, University of Washington
	donn at

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