krb5 server for Mac OS X server?

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 11 13:44:17 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Lidie <sol0 at> writes:

    Steve> I'd like to have a Mac OS X Server as the primary KDC, but
    Steve> make fails looking for include files in KerberosSupport.
    Steve> (make works fine under Linux.)  Am I missing something
    Steve> blindingly obvious?

Only that it doesn't work;)

The MIT Kerberos 1.2.x codebase does not build on OSX.  It only builds
as part of KFM.  Unfortunately some of the sources you need for KFM
are not public.

The 1.3 codebase will build for Darwin, but will not work particularly
well with KFM.  In particular it is probably fine for servers, but not
useful for clients because it does not support the same credentials
cache structure KFM uses.

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