kdb2_dbopen missing symbol . . . sorta

Daniel Henninger daniel at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Jun 11 07:47:49 EDT 2003

I don't know exactly when this started, but I've noticed it as of version
1.2.7.  libkadm5srv and libkdb5 both contain the symbol kdb2_dbopen, which
is unresolved anywhere in the krb5 libs.  I noticed in the change logs
that kdb2_dbopen was changed to k5db2_dbopen to help with conflicts, but
I'm not sure all of the kdb2_dbopen calls were caught.  All I can figure
is that util/db2/include/db.h should be changed from:
#define dbopen kdb2_dbopen
#define dbopen k5db2_dbopen
and maybe util/db2/db/db.c as well

Anyway, I haven't actually gone through and tried changing them yet.
Wanted to make sure I ran it by here first just in case I'm just doing
something wrong at compile time or I'm missing the point of some grand
scheme.  =)


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