krb5_get_host_realm & krb5_free_host_realm in kfw

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Thu Jul 31 02:31:16 EDT 2003

These are private functions which were removed from KfW as of the API 
cleanup which occurred for KfW 2.2 BETA and Krb5 1.2.8.

Jeffrey Altman

michael.dautermann at wrote:

> I'm working on building the KX509 distribution from U-Michigan 
> under both Windows and Macintosh platforms and have run into a 
> perplexin' predicament.  
> On the Macintosh using the built-in libaries included with Jaguar (10.2.X),
> /usr/include/krb5.h there has krb5_get_host_realm and krb5_free_host_realm
> functions defined and public.
> In the latest Kerberos for Windows distribution (2.5-beta-3 & 2.5-beta-4),
> these symbols are behind KRB5_PRIVATE defines in the krb5.h include.
> They're not depricated, they're just not available externally in the libs.
> There's no indication in the header files, or in the source code found
> in krb5\os\free_hstrl.c as to why the change happened and what the
> correct alternative I should be using.  I also searched as far
> back in the krbdev archives as I could look online (about 1000 posts
> back, before the browser times out...).  
> Any suggestions would be helpful.
> thanks,
> m
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