krb5_get_host_realm & krb5_free_host_realm in kfw michael.dautermann at
Wed Jul 30 19:41:41 EDT 2003

I'm working on building the KX509 distribution from U-Michigan 
under both Windows and Macintosh platforms and have run into a 
perplexin' predicament.  

On the Macintosh using the built-in libaries included with Jaguar (10.2.X),
/usr/include/krb5.h there has krb5_get_host_realm and krb5_free_host_realm
functions defined and public.

In the latest Kerberos for Windows distribution (2.5-beta-3 & 2.5-beta-4),
these symbols are behind KRB5_PRIVATE defines in the krb5.h include.
They're not depricated, they're just not available externally in the libs.

There's no indication in the header files, or in the source code found
in krb5\os\free_hstrl.c as to why the change happened and what the
correct alternative I should be using.  I also searched as far
back in the krbdev archives as I could look online (about 1000 posts
back, before the browser times out...).  

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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