Using KfM's credentials cache with Krb5 1.3 on OS X 10.2.6

chas williams chas at
Wed Jul 23 16:03:43 EDT 2003

In message <tsln0f5qgge.fsf at>,Sam Hartman writes:
>Hi.  I have been thinking about this more and realize that there is
>probably a better approach.
>Your current approach is problematic because you link an
>implementation of the CCAPI RPC into the application.  However CCAPI
>is specified at the API layer not at the RPC layer.
>Instead, what you want to do is link against the system CCAPI
>implementation.  Preferably you'd just link against the Kerberos

i wrote some glue code to do exactly this at one point.
still got i around.  i can try to get a clean patch
out if someone were interested.  it uses the NS*() util's
to get references to appropriate bits of the ccapi w/o
having to link directly to the kerberos framework.

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