kerberos for OS 9

Leslie Hogben lhogben at
Fri Jul 11 14:45:52 EDT 2003

I have just been informed by Iowa State University's Academic 
Information Technology (AIT) office that for security reasons they 
will be acquiring a new version of Kerberos that will not accept Mac 
OS 9.
Please let me know whether there is any way to
1) get my OS 9.2.2 to work with this new version Iowa State is 
getting so I can check my e-mail?
I actually have OS X on my recently purchased Powerbook G4 but reset 
the startup disk to OS 9 since neither I nor some of my software 
works with OS X.  I have no intention of resetting to OS X; if 
necessary I will acquire another e-mail provider that does not 
require it.
If the answer to (1) is no,
2) is there a version of kerberos with the newest security features 
that accepts OS 9?
AIT says the answer to this is no, is that correct?

According to ISU's AIT office, they want a new secure version of 
kerberos that will accept Mac OS 9 as it will be extremely expensive 
and perhaps impossible to upgrade all Mac OS 9's currently in use, 
but such thing is not available.
In addition to the expense to ISU, I doubt I am the only OS 9 user 
who feels  OS X is not a Mac operating system; it is a PC wannabe.

Thank you for your consideration.
Leslie Hogben
Department of Mathematics
Iowa State University

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