format of V4 ticketfile created by V5 differs?

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 8 15:26:00 EST 2003

John Hascall <john at> writes:
> I've noticed that the format of the V4 ticketfile created by the
> V5 "compatibility routines" (1.2.6) differs from the format created
> by our original V4 apps (and I guess I don't know which is "correct").
> From our perspective, there are an extra 4 bytes of zeros at end
> of each ticket created by the V5 apps/routines, for example:

Yep, it's broken.  But fixing it is a little more complicated, if we
don't want to break compatibility with the code we're shipping now.
We're talking a bit about whether we can set up the code to read both
forms successfully.  (On a big-endian system, just look for four bytes
of zero, and maybe read four more.  On a little-endian system, it's
trickier; see if four bytes of zero follow the timestamp, and back up
if not.)

I've filed this in the bug database for now, and will try and get back
to it soon.


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