Cross-realm trusts w/ MS Windows 2003

Joseph Galbraith galb at
Mon Aug 18 12:49:14 EDT 2003

>>Aug 18 08:50:58 krb5kdc[863](info): TGS_REQ
>>   (7 etypes {23 -133 -128 3 1 24 -135})
>>   PROCESS_TGS: authtime 0,  <unknown client> for
>>   host/ at, Key table entry not found
>>In the log file, the SPN realm name, VANDYKE.COM, has been converted
>>to lower case.  It seems to me this might be the problem, but I'm
>>not sure.  What do you think?

The ethereal trace is also showing the realm name
in lower case.  Realm names are case sensitive,
aren't they? != VANDYKE.COM ??



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