Support of non-ASCII username/password in KDC of Win2000 serv er

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"Tay, William" wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied.
> So what kind of encoding is Microsoft expecting for the KDC? In other words,
> what character encoding is the username/password encoded and stored in
> Microsoft KDC?

One command to look at is the SSPI AcquireCredentialsHandle,
which can use a SEC_WINNT_AUTH_IDENTITY_EX structure to pass in 
a user and password. There is a ANSI verison and a UNICODE version.

>From some minumal tests, if the password is ANSI, you need to use the
ANSI version of this structure. Just converting the password to UNICODE
did not work.   

> Thanks.
> Will
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> non-ASCII usernames are not supported by Kerberos.  IF it happens to
> work, that's great for you.
> You can read the IETF drafts and discussion within the working group
> of the IETF for the details of the issues involved.
> A future version of the Kerberos protocol will specify
> interoperability rules for internationalization.  The transition will
> be messy.
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