Greetings! .. I'm lost. Compass has no pointer mechanism!

Glen W. Gilbert glen at
Tue Aug 5 19:41:57 EDT 2003


I am new to Kerberos. And, in wanting to secure the login data sent to the
server I use for hosting several websites I manage, not owning Mac's Jaguar
OS, I have read about and decided to use MIT's Kerberos to assist me.

I have downloaded and installed on my home computer KfM v4.03. Fine. (I
think.) ... I am not sure if I need to install anything on the server, I
contacted the technicians there and have been told that they believe they
support Kerberos as a security system. (I truly did not know what to ask to
verify that the server has what is needed to support my use of KfM. Any

So, I fired up KfM (clicked on the icon in the top of the screen, located
between the computer's clock information and the icon/words identifying the
current program which is running - all in the upper right corner of the
desktop). I choose "Get Tickets" and the appropriate dialogue box appears.

Here's the problem: ... I am supposed to enter a login and a password. ...
where do I obtain such items? =8-)

I have read through the online documentation and FAQs offered by your group,
to no avail.

HELP! =8-))

glen gilbert 

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