problem with kerberos telnetd on AIX

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Fri Apr 25 13:36:29 EDT 2003

I believe this call would have to be added to the replace 'login' 
program not telnetd.

David McWilliams wrote:

> AIX allows administrators to set limits (stacksize, datasize, number 
> of files, etc.) for individual users as defined in the file 
> /etc/security/limits.
> We noticed that limits are not set for users when they login using 
> kerberos telnet, but they work fine when users log in with ssh.
> I posted a note on comp.unix.aix, and someone told me that telnetd 
> needs to call setpcred to set limits in AIX.  I looked in the source 
> code for ssh and found the following in the function do_setusercontext 
> (sets login name, uid, gid, groups):
>    #ifdef HAVE_SETPCRED
>                 setpcred(pw->pw_name);
>    #endif /* HAVE_SETPCRED */
> I found no reference to setpcred the telnetd source code.
> Does anyone know if there is a version of kerberos telnetd with a call 
> to setpcred?  If not, do any of you telnetd experts have any 
> suggestions for how to modify it?
> Dave McWilliams
> NCSA/University of Illinois
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