problem with kerberos telnetd on AIX

David McWilliams davem at
Fri Apr 25 13:30:22 EDT 2003

AIX allows administrators to set limits (stacksize, datasize, number of 
files, etc.) for individual users as defined in the file 

We noticed that limits are not set for users when they login using kerberos 
telnet, but they work fine when users log in with ssh.

I posted a note on comp.unix.aix, and someone told me that telnetd needs to 
call setpcred to set limits in AIX.  I looked in the source code for ssh 
and found the following in the function do_setusercontext (sets login name, 
uid, gid, groups):

    #ifdef HAVE_SETPCRED
    #endif /* HAVE_SETPCRED */

I found no reference to setpcred the telnetd source code.

Does anyone know if there is a version of kerberos telnetd with a call to 
setpcred?  If not, do any of you telnetd experts have any suggestions for 
how to modify it?

Dave McWilliams
NCSA/University of Illinois

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