Edit the edu.mit.Kerberos file?

Marshall Vale mjv at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 30 11:55:01 EDT 2002

At 3:04 PM +0200 9/29/02, Sven Peters wrote:
>I guess I have to use my domain name intead of yours (ATHENA.MIT.EDU), but
>I am not sure. How do I know if the Kerberos server at my Mac is running?.

There is no Kerberos server included with Mac OS X 10.2 so one would 
not be running. Mac OS X 10.2 is positioned, with regards to 
Kerberos, to fit into an existing Kerberos infrastructure, but not to 
establish a new one.

>So how do I know what to enter in the edu.mit.Kerberos file for my site?

You would need to contact the Kerberos support people for your site 
to get the proper realm information to put into your edu.mit.Kerberos 

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