krb5-1.2.6-binary-solaris missing symlinks

Mark Price prim0001 at
Fri Sep 20 20:57:00 EDT 2002

Not being sure where the proper place to send, and unable
to use the bug report tool due to being on a private network,
I am this message here:

I installed the krb5-1.2.6 binary tarball for solaris
and found that for all (or most all) libraries placed
in /usr/local/lib of the form, it was
necessary to do:
$ ln -s
because the utilityes were looking for libraries in the .so.x
I'm sure I'm not the only solaris admin that would appreciate
this being fixed.
It also turned out that all of the executables in /usr/local/sbin
and /usr/local/bin had permissions -rw-r--r--.

If whoever is responsible for these things would not mind,
I could send a tarball or a solaris pkg file with the links
added and permissions set to -rwx-r-xr-x
Mark Price
SysAdmin and Operations Manager, The JIMINI Project,
Applied Global Systems Lab, University of North Florida
Phone (Office): 904-620-3880 (Mobile): 904-626-8172
mailto: prim0001 at

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