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Scott McGuire smcguire at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 22 17:08:00 EST 2002

At 1:33 PM -0800 11/22/02, Daniel Ashcom wrote:
>Kerberos Gurus,
>I manage the computer labs at Portland State University. We have all 
>of our PCs authenticating to Active Directory and mounting a home 
>directory and we'd like to accomplish the same thing on our 
>Macintosh OS X boxes.
>I've gotten your kerberos implementation up and running on a test OS 
>X box and it successfully authenticates using kerberos to our Active 
>Directory from the login window. However, once the box logs in, 
>since Active Directory doesn't feed the Mac a home directory 
>location that it understands, there is essentially no $HOME for the 
>OS to use and therefore most apps don't work correctly. (or at all)
>So, my question is: Do you folks know of anyone who has figured out 
>a way to do this WITHOUT, and I stress without, adding things into 
>the Active Directory that are Mac specific? (as Apple suggests) 
>Also, as you might imagine, we can't add home directories ahead of 
>time to every lab station either. Have you folks figured out a way 
>to do this or maybe someone at another university that you know 
>about? I'm totally up for doing some sort of login shell script if 
>you know of a way to make it happen.
>Does that make sense? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Daniel, take a look at http://www.macosxlabs.org .  They have some 
documentation and discussion forums on Active Directory, Kerberos, 
and more.

Good luck,

Scott McGuire / smcguire at mit.edu
MIT Information Systems Macintosh Developer

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