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Daniel Ashcom ashcomd at pdx.edu
Fri Nov 22 16:34:01 EST 2002

Kerberos Gurus,

I manage the computer labs at Portland State University. We have all of 
our PCs authenticating to Active Directory and mounting a home directory 
and we'd like to accomplish the same thing on our Macintosh OS X boxes.

I've gotten your kerberos implementation up and running on a test OS X 
box and it successfully authenticates using kerberos to our Active 
Directory from the login window. However, once the box logs in, since 
Active Directory doesn't feed the Mac a home directory location that it 
understands, there is essentially no $HOME for the OS to use and 
therefore most apps don't work correctly. (or at all)

So, my question is: Do you folks know of anyone who has figured out a 
way to do this WITHOUT, and I stress without, adding things into the 
Active Directory that are Mac specific? (as Apple suggests) Also, as you 
might imagine, we can't add home directories ahead of time to every lab 
station either. Have you folks figured out a way to do this or maybe 
someone at another university that you know about? I'm totally up for 
doing some sort of login shell script if you know of a way to make it 

Does that make sense? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Dan Ashcom
Technology Labs Manager
Portland State University

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