OS X menu extra for Kerberos?

Jordan Miller jmil at MIT.EDU
Sun Nov 3 19:39:00 EST 2002


I was wondering if a menu extra with similar functionality to the menu 
item in OS 9 that lets you create/destroy kerberos tickets was under 
development for OS X. Specifically, I was hoping this functionality 
could be built directly into OS X's Keychain.menu menu extra. This can 
be viewed in the "Contents->Resources" Directory inside of "Keychain 
Access" in the Utilities Folder, or by selecting View->Show Status in 
the Menu Bar from within Keychain Access. Would Apple allow MIT to 
include Kerberos functionality with the keychain extra? In addition to 
"Lock Screen" could be the option to "Lock Screen and Destroy Kerberos 
Tickets", which I think would be cool functionality. In my opinion it 
would be better to include this functionality with the Keychain Menu 
Extra because both involve security and passwords, and it would also 
prevent further cluttering of the menu bar. Is this possible? Should we 
just have our own menu extra? Is one under development? Just wondering. 


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