Problems getting exported data symbols via Kerberos.bridge on Mac OS X

Graham K. Gilmore grahamg at
Wed May 15 17:22:01 EDT 2002

	Hello, I'm trying to run my Carbon application (which uses GSSAPI) 
on Mac OS X, and I'm encountering problems with GSSAPI data symbols that 
are exported from the Kerberos library.  In particular, the GSS_C_NT_* 
symbols seem to be corrupt when I try to read them using the 
Kerberos.bridge CFM bridge (using the native Kerberos framework is not 
an option at this time).  I'm using Kerberos for Mac 4.0.
	I have a workaround, in that I construct my own gss_OID_desc based 
on the information given in GSS/gssapi.h, which seems to work fine.

	Graham Gilmore
	Software Developer
	Steltor, Inc.

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