Error "File exists" from krb5_init_context eichin-krb at
Wed May 15 14:27:00 EDT 2002

> I got the man page telling me that on a success stat returns 0 and
> a failure returns -1, so this statement will always be false.  So, I did

umm, sure, so on success stat returns zero, and the if statement
*doesn't* follow the return errno branch.  In C, if (foo) is
implicitly if (foo != 0).  That's not what your problem is.

Given that you're on solaris, do try running "truss" on your case that
failed, and look at the last 10 or so lines (especially looking for
something that shows an errno of EEXISTS... though really, the last
syscalls before it prints your error are probably the interesting ones

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