bug report

Massimo Marino Massimo_Marino at lbl.gov
Sun Mar 17 12:53:01 EST 2002

Hi there,

I installed Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0 on a PB G4 667MHz, 512 MB, OS 
X 10.1.3 (Build 5Q45).
XFree86 4.2 with XDarwin 1.6 - WindowMaker 8.0 is installed.

After installing Kerberos 4.0 I suffer from the following 
mis-behavior on both Terminal.app and XDarwin terminal windows:

Starting XDarwin by default launches an eterm window (Eterm-0.9). 
With this term open all appears to be working: Terminal.app and 
additional X-term windows do start. Running top though there is a 
klist process which takes up to 50% of the CPU. Launching additional 
terms do not create additional klist running processes in the 

Second scenario: before opening additional term and/or xterm windows 
I do kill the first term created at launch by XDarwin. At this point 
any attempt to create a Terminal.app shell or a eterm in XDarwin dies 
before receiving the prompt, two $SHELL processes are spawned (tcsh - 
as seen in top) and an additional klist process starts as well. This 
happens at every attempt to open a term or eterm window to the point 
to bog down the entire machine the klist(s) processes taking the 
whole CPU time.

I temporarily solved the issue by disabling the /usr/bin/klist (no 
more executable). Doing this solves the issue and eterms and 
terminal.app do start normally in all scenarios.

Before this 'solution' the problems at times disappeared if I started 
first a Rxvt terminal. But this also is weird in that the Rxvt was 
receiving no prompt but it very existence was making the other terms 
successfully start. This behavior was not consistent in that at times 
even the Rxvt was quitting spawning two shell processes and an 
additional klist.

Best regards

Massimo Marino, Ph.D.
NERSC Division - HPC Department - Lawrence Berkeley National 
Laboratory http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~marino
On leave at CERN, CH, EP Division, Atlas experiment
phone: (+41) 22 767-71288 fax: (+41) 22 767-8350
Office: 40-3-D16
alternate email: marino at slac.stanford.edu, marino at mail.cern.ch, 
Massimo.Fabio.Marino at cern.ch

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