Arthur Vuong avuong at
Thu Mar 14 00:07:00 EST 2002


I am teacher in a middle school that supports dual platforms (macs and pcs).
We have implemented a win2000 server with local and remote policy. The
students can log on to any windows 2000 pro computer and have their "my
document" folder in the local computer redirected to a folder on the server.
Our problem is that we don't know how to do the same for the macintosh
without having to create dual user accounts.  I would be nice to just create
one account on the 2000server and have it replicate to a MacServer.  Is this
possible?  Most our Mac workstations are running OS 8 and a few are 9s.
What suggestions do you have for us so that our students can log on anywhere
on campus(PCs or Macs and have their home folder mounted on the local
computer? It would be awesome if one logon from either Mac or PCs would map
to the same folder on the 2000 server.

thanks for your help

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