Q. International availability of Kerberos for MacOS X

John Lockwood jel at gomark.com
Mon Mar 4 12:02:00 EST 2002

In your FAQ for Kerberos 4 for MacOS X you state "However, Kerberos for
Macintosh 4.0 is not available for download outside of North America"

This is I presume due to the restrictions on exporting Encryption products.

If this is true I would like to ask why?

President Clinton relaxed the rules on exporting Encryption products to most
countries. This allowed countries like the UK, France, Germany etc. to
obtain Encryption products without difficulties. As a result we in the UK
now have access to 128bit Encryption in web browsers and servers (prior to
this change we were restricted to 56bit Encryption).

Could you tell me why your policy is so out of date?

PS. MIT also does this for its PGP software and the same reasoning applies.
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