Revenge of the 3 Headed Monster... Kerberos bites hard

Patrick Powell papowell at
Sat Mar 2 16:57:01 EST 2002

OK OK, I took flack for using a 'not really meant for public
consumption but I don't know what to use instead' Kerberos 5

What happens when you use a 'unix socket' or 'named pipe' for a
client to server connection?

Ummm... that IS an interesting question.  I will simply refer you
to the error message from the Kerberos support library:

2002-03-02-13:47:16.843 h110 [83535] RCVSEC  t1: server_krb5_auth:
  retval 1, error:
'on server server_krb5_auth failed -
   krb5_rd_priv failed: Incorrect net address'

I suppose that this sort of thing needs to be special cased into
the lookup code... you will need to check the af_family field or
whatever in the struct sockaddr structure.  I suppose that I will
have to add 'special casing' into the LPRng code to abort connections
using named pipes, etc.  Perhaps when the solution is found it
could be added to the 'developers notes' that are supposed to be
in the distribution?

Glad it's not my problem this time...

Patrick ("Don't point a finger... there are 3 pointing right
   back at yourself") Powell

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