patches that still haven't been applied

Nathan Neulinger nneul at
Fri Mar 1 21:45:01 EST 2002

Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >> I see no request in our bugs database to build krb524d for Windows.
> >> would you mind giving me the bug number so I can go look it up?
> >
> >Doubtful. I'm sure myself and others have asked/mentioned it on krbdev,
> >but dunno if a specific bug was ever submitted.
> Are you sure you want krb524d on Windows, or just the client library?
> I remember hearing that future releases of KfW will include a
> krb524.dll (but I could be wrong).
> --Ken

Just the lib sorry... we've never had much trouble building it on
windows, it just isn't enabled in the standard source for the windows
platform. (Never been sure why either.)

-- Nathan

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