patches that still haven't been applied

Neulinger, Nathan nneul at
Fri Mar 1 15:06:01 EST 2002

> As far as I can tell your krb524d memory leak fix was applied 
> for 1.2.3; do
> you see a problem with the fix in that code?

Was it applied to 1.2.3 and not to -current? I haven't checked against
1.2.3 specifically. 

> I see no request in our bugs database to build krb524d for Windows.
> would you mind giving me the bug number so I can go look it up?  

Doubtful. I'm sure myself and others have asked/mentioned it on krbdev,
but dunno if a specific bug was ever submitted.

> The telnet problem you point out actually is related to the
> credentials for other users discussion.  If telnetd does not write out
> the ccache, no problem would exist.  However you are correct that our
> handling of telnet has been rather bad over the last few years.  We
> are evaluating a particular external source of Kerberos telnet in the
> hope that we can recommend people use that telnet build and drop our
> own.  If someone else is doing a better job of maintaining something
> and we are clearly not doing a good job, it seems more reasonable to
> point people at the working implementation than to duplicate effort.

Right - and the patch I sent is a very simple way of getting telnetd to
not write out the cache, so that it can start a new one. As is - the
telnetd behavior makes telnet useless for a multi-userid environment. 

-- Nathan

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