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Neulinger, Nathan nneul at
Thu Jan 31 13:13:00 EST 2002

Is there any quick and easy way to get the last-pw-change date from a dump? It looked to me like the other parameters, such as expiration, etc. are all in there, but I couldn't find the last-pw-change, or last-modified time in there, unless it is embedded in one of the hex blobs. 

Looks like this might be why it isn't in there:

     * If we don't have any match strings, or if our name matches, then
     * proceed with the dump, otherwise, just forget about it.
    if (!arg->nnames || name_matches(name, arg)) {
         * Deserialize the modifier record.
        mod_name = (char *) NULL;
        mod_princ = NULL;
        last_pwd_change = mod_date = 0;
        pkey = akey = (krb5_key_data *) NULL;
        if (!(retval = krb5_dbe_lookup_mod_princ_data(arg->kcontext,

Why are those params set to zero for the dump?

-- Nathan

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