KfM 4.0b7: a few questions

Gavin Eadie gavin at umich.edu
Wed Jan 30 21:02:00 EST 2002

At 3:25 PM -0800 1/30/02, Alexei Kosut wrote:
>  > No, there is no way to do this.  Is there some technical problem with
>>  our login dialog popping up in front of your application?

... there also some sentiment here at umich that people should obtain 
their credentials before using an application that needs them. 
Popping up the dialog as a side effect dulls their sensitivity to 
typing their password into such a dialog whenever they are asked for 

     While I understand the convenience and the past history of doing 
it this way, I'd like to make a pitch for some discussion of this 
aspect of things.  I know there's a preference for this feature, 
maybe it's enough.  What do people think ? ... Gav

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