Kerberos for Mac issues

Scott McGuire smcguire at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 28 10:58:01 EST 2002

At 5:17 PM -0500 1/27/02, John W. Eschelbach wrote:
>I have been playing with KfM for quite a while now and have not been 
>able to load my realms as described in the online documentation.
>The first issue I noticed was that when running the installer, the 
> file defaults to being a Microsoft Entourage 
>Preference file.  I also have Office X installed and running.  I 
>edited the file in BBEdit to only have my realms configuration 
>information.  I saved the file without changing the file type or 
>creator.  I have also saved it as a BBEdit file and a generic text 
>file, but am still unable to Edit my Favorite realm.
>When running the Kerberos application, I have tried to Edit My 
>Favorite realm in the preference, but the only realm that is listed 
>is the ATHENA.MIT.EDU realm.  When selecting the "Edit My 
>Favorites", nothing happens.  I have checked the preference file 
>multiple times and am confused where the application is even getting 
>the ATHENA realm from.
>I assume all of my problems stem from not being able to load my 
>realm correctly.

ATHENA.MIT.EDU is the default contents of the favorite realms list 
right after you install; we have to have an entry there, and we 
cannot know what your realm is until you edit the 
file, so we default to ATHENA.  Once KfM is locating your preferences 
file, Edit Favorite Realms should show them (and your site's default 
realm should be added to the favorite realms automatically) and allow 
you to remove ATHENA.

The fact that Mac OS X shows your prefs file as an Entourage 
preferences file is probably not be relevant; unfortunately Mac OS X 
is easily confused about who preferences files belong to.  My system 
shows my as a BBEdit prefs file, even though the 
file type/creator are correct for the Kerberos prefs file.

It does sound like KfM is having trouble finding the preferences file 
you edited.  There are a number of possible reasons for this.

Please do the following:

(1) Make sure you are using the latest release of KfM.  We released 
KfM 4.0b7 about 10 days ago, and it fixes some preferences locating 

(2) Make sure you are editing the file in 
/Library/Preferences, not the one in 
/Users/userid/Library/Preferences .  In fact, throw out any that you 
find in /Users/userid/Library/Preferences .

(3) Make sure there are no "backup" copies of the 
preferences file (such as files named or in the /Library/Preferences or 
/Users/userid/Library/Preferences directories.  If there are, trash 

Let us know if this helps.

Scott McGuire / smcguire at
MIT Information Systems Macintosh Developer

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