changing krbdev mailing list maintenance

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 16 20:29:22 EST 2002

We're experimenting with moving the krbdev mailing list to a Mailman
server at MIT, for easier automated maintenance.  If this experiment
seems to work well, we will probably also move the Kerberos list to
this server.  Please let Tom and I know of any problems you encounter
with this server.

You can make changes to your list subscription, including for example
getting digests instead of separate messages, through this web page:

That page also has a pointer to the new (mailman-generated) archives.
Older archives are still available in at least one or two places on
the net, and will presumably continue to be available.

You can also make changes to your subscription through email to
krbdev-request at, with subjects including "subscribe",
"unsubscribe", "help", etc.  These messages will now be automatically
processed by the mailman server rather than waiting for one of us to
get to it.  It should also filter out unsubscribe requests sent to the
list itself (and bounce them, rather than act on them, to teach people
to Do The Right Thing).

Each user is assigned a password to use for changing options through
the web interface.  This password can be retrieved via the web
interface.  This may be a problem for any redistribution lists and
public archives; contact me or Tom if it is.

This change should prevent most bounces from being sent back to the
original senders; in fact, most of the bounce handling should be

Currently, spam filtering is not enabled; we may change that later.


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