problem with kerberos 5 telnet plugin

Rick Goyette rjgoyette at
Tue Feb 19 12:18:00 EST 2002

Here is an interesting problem.  We recently moved our kerberos 
server to a Windows 2000 machine.  I use a mac and KfM 4.0 fc1 and 
kerberized betterTelnet to get a forwardable ticket.  Connecting to 
the first machine works fine, but if I try to connect to a second 
machine I get this error:  "kerberos 5 telnet Plug in (a bunch of 
giberish) nstructing service name: Server not found in Kerberos 
database failure on credentials."  This persists until I quit 
betterTelnet and restart.  Then whatever machine I connect to first 
works again, but any additional machine fails as above, even if the 
requested node shows up in the kerberos control panel as having been 
forwarded the ticket.  Pointing back to our old DCE server still 
works correctly.
R. J. Goyette
Argonne National Laboratory
rjgoyette at
(630) 252-4328

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