diff prototype for krb5_write_message?

Alexandra Ellwood lxs at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 19 10:41:00 EST 2002

>I'm trying to compile LPRNG with Kerberos support for MacOS X but 
>I'm getting an undefined symbols for _krb5_read_message 
>_krb5_write_message _krb5_xfree _valid_cksumtype.  I have included 
>the Kerberos5Core framework which seems to have these symbols 
>defined.  This is the prototype found in the code, are they 
>different from the version of Kerberos for the Mac?

krb5_read_message, krb5_write_message, krb5_xfree, valid_cksumtype 
are private functions internal to the Kerberos 5 library.  As a 
result, they are not exported by the Kerberos framework, and you 
should not be calling them.  Yes, I realize that they are in the 
krb5.h header file, but they shouldn't be.

krb5_read_message and krb5_write_message just send and receive data 
on the network.  You should be able to replace these functions with 
your own versions fairly easily.

krb5_xfree is deprecated because there are now krb5_free_<type> 
functions for all krb5 types allocated inside the library.  You 
should check the krb5 type you are passing into krb5_xfree and find 
the appropriate free function in krb5.h.

valid_cksumtype is a krb5 crypto API.  I'm not sure how you should go 
about replacing this function.  I'll leave that to other folks on the 
krbdev list.

Hope this helps,

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