Character set conversion

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 8 17:48:00 EST 2002

Hi.  Within the IETF working group on Kerberos, we are currently
considering  various internationalization issues.

The intent is to move the Kerberos protocol to use UTF-8 internally.
We can do that, but we need to provide backward compatibility for some
sites that already have non-US-ASCII principals deployed.  We have
received a strong request for this backward compatibility from the DCE

I'm wondering if there are sites currently using multiple different
encodings for principal names within the same realm.  I believe that
this situations could result for example using KFM because the GUI
tools use a different encoding than the command line tools.

We ask this question in part because most of our solutions require
that the KDC be able to map between encodings.  This is much easier to
set up if you have one encoding for the entire realm.


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