Mac OS X 10.2 Kerberos Extras released

Marshall Vale mjv at MIT.EDU
Fri Aug 23 17:56:25 EDT 2002

The MIT MacDev team is pleased to announce the availability of Mac OS 
X 10.2 Kerberos Extras. This package is available from the MIT 
Kerberos for Macintosh site:


All feedback and bug reports for Mac OS X 10.2 Kerberos Extras should 
be sent to <mailto:krbdev at>

While Mac OS X 10.2 ships with most parts of Kerberos for Macintosh, 
it does not include support for CFM-based Kerberos-using applications 
(such as Eudora and Fetch), and the GUI Kerberos management 
application is located in a hard-to-find location.

The Mac OS X 10.2 Kerberos Extras installer will install the Kerberos 
CFM support library and make an alias to the GUI Kerberos Management 
application in /Applications/Utilities (the Kerberos application 
ships in /System/Library/CoreSevices ).  The installer will also 
install a sample preferences file ( if one does not 
already exist.

The Mac OS X 10.2 Kerberos Extras requires a Macintosh computer with 
Mac OS X 10.2.

Distribution Info
This release is available as a single installer which installs the 
client binaries.

Source for the installer for sites to customize if necessary will be 
released soon.
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