problems with gss_accept_sec_context in 1.2.5 Nicolas.Williams at
Fri Aug 23 10:11:00 EDT 2002

GSS-API is a generic API for network authentication. As such it does
not concern itself with the mechanics of how credentials are obtained
so much as with the mechanics of how network authentication is
performed (namely, by exchanging opaque tokens).

Therefore the GSS-API KerberosV mechanism only concerns itself with
the AP exchange, and gss_init_sec_context()/gss_accept_sec_context()
only produce AP-REQ and AP-REP messages, respectively. But see RFC1964.

Of course, a GSS KerberosV mech implementation will take care of doing
TGS exchanges for fetching service tickets as needed. But this is
transparent to the application and no TGS message tokens are produced
or consumed by the gss_init/accept_sec_context() functions.



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> >     darrenr> I'm in the process of porting a home-grown Kerberos
> >     darrenr> application that uses the GSSAPI and its own 
> TGT.  Ok so
> >     darrenr> far.  The problem is that we have been passing the TGT
> >     darrenr> into gss_accept_sec_context (using another vendor's
> >     darrenr> Kerberos) and this no longer works.
> >     darrenr> gss_accept_sec_context only appears to handle 
> AP_REQ's -
> >     darrenr> not AS_REQ's or TGS_REQ's.  See:
> > 
> > What would it mean for GSSAPI to handle as_req or tgs_req?  You need
> > an ap_req to start the GSSAPI exchange.
> So you're saying the GSSAPI was not designed for it to be used in
> obtaining an as_rep or tgs_rep ?
> In the past, we've passed an as_req as the input token and received
> an as_rep as an output token.  I do admit I have no idea of what
> is actually happening under the covers in this particular library
> implementation (yet).
> Our code looks something like this:
> major = gss_accept_sec_context(&minor, &context, creds, &inToken,
>                                GSS_C_NO_CHANNEL_BINDINGS,
>                                &cp->fl_src, &mech, &outToken
>                                &rFlag, &rTime, &delay);
> Where "inToken" contains an AS_REQ - something similar to what
> you see on the wire, coming out of kinit.
> I'll go checkup the RFC for the GSSAPI, but if we're doing that
> and that's not meant to be possible/outside of the scope of the
> GSSAPI, then that's good to know too.
> Darren
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