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Austin Gonyou austin at
Thu Apr 4 16:20:01 EST 2002

All versions are now available. I prefer openoffice for any changes
though, so I can have a tracking history, and it's not been screwed up
by MS Word. 

Ahh..there is a PPC version, but Linux PPC. Perhaps it's best that way

On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 14:57, Miro Jurisic wrote:
> >Why? OpenOffice is free. And as such, I use free formats on a
> copylefted
> >document. I can make a pdf and rtf too though. People shouldn't use
> >microsoft if they can help it, and openoffice let's them help it.
> I don't see a version of OpenOffice for my Mac. Nobody asked you to 
> convert it to a proprietary format, so please skip the politics and 
> religion and produce a format that is readable on all platforms. 
> Customers of Kerberos use more platforms than I can get OpenOffice 
> binaries for.
> Thanks,
> meeroh
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